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Commercial and Retail Refurbishment

Bentley Rowe Refurbishment specialise in the commercial and retail refurbishment. Experienced contractors who understand the importance of a well designed, crafted and completed interior. At Bentley Rowe, we take time to identify your business goals and develop and understanding of your company ethos. Furthermore, we bring decades of interior design and refurbishment experience to the table in order to ensure a successful and rewarding project outcome. This has seen us help countless clients to move their businesses forward with practical, forward-thinking interior refurbishment and design schemes.

Whatever you’re looking for, Bentley Rowe can help you design a high-quality focused space for your retail outlet, visitor centre or public areas.

We offer a comprehensive design service that will give your retail outlet the wow factor, inspire customer loyalty, boosting your customer experience and sales. We have experience working with blue-chip brands and have completed fit-outs in salons, retail stores, shopping centres, healthcare facilities and even airports. We can design and plan to maximise the space within your premises.

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We cover all aspects of commercial and retail refurbishment:

  • Design concepts
    We’ll revamp the interior design of your building for a look and feel that reflects and communicates your unique brand. As soon as your clients step inside the building, they’ll absorb the mood and message you’re looking to convey.
  • Survey
    Not sure if you need planning permission, or how to comply with building regulations? We’ll take care of it and ensure your project complies with all relevant regulations and requirements.
  • 2D and 3D visual plans
    Our expert designers use their years of experience to produce concepts that are in keeping with your business philosophy and ethos. Using the latest design software, we create 2D and 3D visuals in order to give you a very visual insight as to what your project will look like.
  • Project management
    A successful project requires planning and leadership. Our industrial building contractors will manage your entire project holistically, so that every detail is planned and executed just as it should be.
  • Construction
    We carry out all aspects of your projects construction from electrics and suspended ceilings to fabrication and any necessary ground works. Our in-house construction team allows us to adhere to the highest standards ensuring a high level of quality control.
    By using our own in-house teams we are also able to meet agreed deadlines and get your project completed in time and in budget.

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The Advantages of Commercial & Retail Refurbishment

Commercial and retail refurbishments allow you to transform how your business is seen and perceived. Regardless of whether you are refurbishing an office for your staff or the interior of a commercial showroom or retail premise, redesigning and constructing a space can transform its performance for your business.


Refurbishing your workplace or retail premises can allow you to alter the layout of your interior. Moving certain aspects of your office, shop or showroom can increase efficiency, morale and even sales. A well thought out and designed refurbishment can transform an interior from an uninspiring space to a thought provoking hub of interaction and efficiency.

Increased productivity

A new, attractive, updated interior can boost the morale and efficiency your workers, which in turn can increase their productivity.

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