The Cottons Club



Year: 2018
Cost: £380,000.00

Replacement of 3 shower areas following a major leak, refurbishment of Studio and Gym Spaces and conversion of a Squash Court into a Fitness Studio “ROX”

Project Challenges:

  • Quick turnaround time, only 3 weeks to complete
  • Working to tight budget constraints
  • Working in numerous areas simultaneously
  • Developing the specification as the project proceeds

We are proud to say that the project was delivered on time and on budget. Prior to our arrival, the club had suffered considerable damage, due to leaking showers. This damage had caused considerable disruption to studio spaces, walkway, corridors and stair cases.

We were asked to replace the three large shower areas, with new tiling, flooring, ceilings, lighting, showers and cubicles, ensuring that these areas were watertight. Wedi was our product of choice to complete these works. In addition to this we refurbished the areas damaged by the water leaks alongside, refreshing the fitness offering with new ceilings, lighting and exercise zones. We also created a new concept Fitness Studio, combining running and boxing “ROX”

The project required:

  • Replacement of three shower areas
  • Refurbishment of communal spaces
  • Refurbishment of existing Studio
  • Creation of ROX Studio
  • Refurbishment of existing Gym


The Cottons Club